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Session #23

Hotel Florida, Lisboa, Portugal

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FA7 Illustration

We are back for another session at Florida After Seven, Lisbon’s coolest after-work.

This time, it’s no ordinary after-work event though – it will be the pre-conference gathering of LXJS 2012 (that’s ‘Lisbon’ and ‘JavaScript’, for all you non-nerds). This edition of Florida After Seven is also part of the first Lisbon Digital Week, a group of events of all things digital happening in Lisbon in September.

And in the best spirit of Green Tone Bits, there are some freebies: before the event, there we’ll be a free MongoDB Head To Toes workshop. Also, this time, drinks are just like our songs: free! (courtesy of CouchBase).

So join us for a drink and some top-notch free music! Make sure to visit the Facebook event for more information.

See you then!

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