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Session #1 Recap

Published on by Ricardo Mestre


For those of you who missed Green Tone Bits #1: all and all, it was a success, despite a delay due to a technical problem.

For those of you who did go but failed to spot the DJ… well, that would be because the DJ booth had to be moved behind the bar counter, due to the same technical problem, stacked between an espresso machine and a cutting board. A funny, ha-ha funny situation.

Anyway, get the playlist and downloadable music here: Session #1 Compilation.

Also, a quick note: starting from the next session, on March 19, Green Tone Bits sessions will be longer, beginning around 22:00 and ending at 01:00, when Ogâmico closes its doors.

6 Responses to Session #1 Recap

  1. Comment by Leo

    Published on

    Thanks for the playlist and for the event – hope next time I manage to stay until the end! How ’bout compiling the playlist into a zip? Abraço

  2. Comment by Ricardo Mestre

    Published on

    Howdy Leo,

    Thanks for your feedback and support.
    I followed your suggestion. Feel free to download the zip file.

    Hope to see you on the next session. :)


  3. Comment by Jewad

    Published on

    found yah from henrikjose website, I’ll be sure to check out most of these songs. I’ve been looking for artist like this, I’ll also be sure to check out all the updates.

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