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Session #4 Recap

Published on by Dinis Correia


Time for Green Tone Bits Session #4 recap!

The first hour of session #4 was totally dedicated to Merzbau, paying homage to the now-defunct netlabel. From there, and up to the end, #4 got a bit more dancefloor-friendly. Also, there were some cool new releases by Corpid, Series Media and Poni Republic – just to name a few.

In addition to the music, drinks and cocktails were also top-notch – thumbs up to the Baby Guinness shot!

Enjoy this week’s set. Get the playlist and downloadable music here: Session #4 Compilation.

Stay tuned for session #5! From now on, GTB sessions will place on the third friday of the month. No more excuses for not going out during the week. So, mark your calendars: June 19, less than a month away now.

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  1. Comment by Ricardo Mestre

    Published on

    Hi Matthew!

    Glad you like. That song is very important for me and for the project – as it has been one of the main inspirations. Truly inspiring. :)

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