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Session #11 (First Anniversary)

Ogâmico, Lisboa, Portugal

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The eleventh Green Tone Bits session is just a few days away. Happy anniversary!
Mark your calendars: Friday, 19 February 2010, from 22:30 to 02:00 GMT.

Our first anniversary is here. For the past year, we’ve been showcasing and sharing some of the best free digital music from all around the globe, proving that – even though there are still some strong non-believers – free music can be just as good as its paid counterpart. We showed that “free” doesn’t necessarily mean “cheap” and that eksprimentell-teknisk-avantgarde-saer-dop-steikbra-metal-musikk isn’t the only music genre being released by netlabels. The bottom line: quality music can be free – and legal.

We had a reasonably good (live) attendance at the sessions. Online, people from several countries (the US, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, the UK, etc.) tuned in to the live streaming and/or downloaded the session’s playlists. Still, we believe we can reach a lot more people.

So, next friday – February 19 – we’ll be celebrating the Green Tone Bits’ accomplishments and future – and free music in general. Ogâmico [map] is still our headquarters – and there will even be a special drink to match the event!

Also, as usual: listen to the live streaming on the site if you can’t make it; if you do make it to Ogâmico, bring your sad, empty MP3 player and we’ll happily transfer the previous sessions’ playlists.

You really can’t say no to an evening like this, can you? Cya!

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