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Session #14 (Chiptune Special)

Ogâmico, Lisboa, Portugal

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The fourteenth Green Tone Bits session is just a few days away. Power-up!
Mark your calendars: Friday, 28 May 2010, from 22:30 to 02:00 GMT.

Session #14 will be one of a kind – it will be totally dedicated to a more specific genre that has already been featured in pretty much all the playlists since our first session.

*drum roll*

Chiptune: 8-bit, Bitpop, Nintendocore, Picopop, Micromusic… That’s what Session #14 will be all about.

We’ll be paying tribute to classic video games – and to all artists (bands, musicians, etc.) who were inspired by them to create awesome, memorable tracks.

As a bonus (pun intended), there will be a couple of classic video games setup at Og̢mico [map] Рthe usual place Рfor you to play. Do you remember Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man or Tetris on a Nintendo console?

Dress code? 8-bit Tie optional, of course.

As usual, we will be loading our previous sessions’ playlists to your MP3 player, if you want to (iPod, pen drive or anything in between).

If you really can’t warp yourself (again, pun intended) to Ogâmico, listen to the live streaming of the DJ set, right here on the website.

See you there!

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