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Session #18 (NetAudioLx Special)

Cinema S. Jorge, Lisboa, Portugal

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The Lisbon Netaudio Festival is just around the corner (didn’t you know Lisbon was having a netaudio festival? Head over to the official website for all the juicy details), and it’s a pleasure to announce that Green Tone Bits will be a part of it.

The Green Tone Bits dj set will be on the last day of the festival, January 7 (Saturday). This time we won’t be live streaming the dj set – but the entire playlist will be available for download on our site shortly after.

It’s a huge deal having a netaudio festival in Lisbon, if you ask us. It will certainly show that good music can be free – something we at Green Tone Bits believe and want to share with everyone.

So check the full schedule for the festival. It takes place on January 5, 6 and 7. There are concerts, talks, movie screenings and workshops – something for everyone. See you there!

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