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Session #19 (3rd Anniversary / FA7 Special)

Hotel Florida, Lisboa, Portugal

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GTB: 3rd Anniversary

Sculpture and photo by Leonardo Xavier. Some rights reserved.

We know we haven’t been around that much lately, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been counting the days since we first started Green Tone Bits. As such, we are happy to announce we’ll be celebrating our 3rd anniversary next week – with a very special Green Tone Bits session!

We’ll be at Florida After Seven, next Thursday (February 16), starting at 7PM. “And what’s Florida After Seven?”, you might ask. Essentially it’s an über cool after-work event, put together by the awesome people of Quodis and Hotel Florida, bringing together web, IT, design, mobile, entrepreneurship, and all kinds of web-aware and creative industries related crowds. It takes place once a month at Hotel Florida, with an awesome view from the terrace bar over Marquês de Pombal, Lisbon’s both busiest and most beautiful roundabout. There’s always music, free wifi and snacks (and you know we just love free stuff, right?) – the drinks are on you, though.

Make sure to visit the Facebook event for more information on FA7 (that’s how friends call it).

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to live stream the dj set – but if you are in Lisbon, do join us for a drink. On the other hand, we’ll load your mp3 player with the previous sessions’ playlist as well.

Here’s to many more years of free awesome music!

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