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Session #22 B (Compressed – An Opening and Closing)

31 d'Atalaia, Lisboa, Portugal

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Compressed - An Opening and Closing

Get ready for double fun this weekend! We are doing two very special sets at 31 d’Atalaia, in Bairro Alto. We’ll be providing the soundtrack to Compressed – an opening and closing, an exhibition of Working Title, a digital imagery project by Jan van Bruggen. Confused? Here’s how the artist himself explains it:

Two images are selected based on multiple automated online searches with a pre-defined set of concepts. A combination of these images are distilled, subsequently merged and forced back into a uniform shape. Despite the consistent aesthetic the results vary from abstract, pop and almost picturesque.

There will be print and video works on display – and our sets will definitely be inspired by their aesthetic, so expected some blips, blops & pop(s).

So grab a friend and come along: entertain your ears and delight your eyes.

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