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Session #3

Ogâmico, Lisboa, Portugal

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The third Green Tone Bits session is just few days away. Groovy!

Mark your calendars: thursday, 9 April 2009, from 22:00 to 01:00 GMT. “Hey! But that’s not the third thursday of the month!”, you might say – and you are right. We had already let you know that this month’s session is taking place on the second thursday instead, and with a good reason – it’s a public holiday eve, so there’s no excuse to stay at home.

Also, we’ll finally have the extra visual awesomeness promised a while ago and, as usual, you can tune to the live streaming and listen to the set if you can’t make it to Ogâmico.

To sum it up: great free music and netlabels, Ogâmico’s welcoming space and a public holiday eve. Not to be missed.

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