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Session #8 (iPod Special)

Ogâmico, Lisboa, Portugal

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The eightth Green Tone Bits session is just a few days away. Wonderful!
Mark your calendars: Friday, 23 October 2009, from 22:30 to 02:00 GMT.

Some of you may have heard of a little device called – air quotes – the iPod.

We love iPods – and on October 23, the day we are hosting Session #8, the iPod celebrates its 8th anniversary. How unexpected and coincidental is that? We just couldn’t possibly let it go by without doing something.

So Session #8 is all about the iPod – this little gadget transformed the music industry – for better or for worse – and has made digital music the dominant way in which we listen to music – free or paid.

And because there’s nothing sadder than an empty iPod, we want to share some joy. And we say: bring your iPods to the next Green Tone Bits session! On October 23 we will have an exclusive commemorative playlist, ready to be loaded to your iPod. It’s free digital music, no copyright attached. Just bring your iPod and leave with extra bits and bytes of music.

If you’re worried about getting too cold at night, well, worry not. Ogâmico has a lot of comfy chairs inside – and yummy hot beverages, too. You can tune in to the live streaming of the set, of course, but you’ll miss the special iPod playlist – and probably get your iPod depressed.

See you then!

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