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Green Tone Bits on Phlow Magazine’s Advent Calendar

Published on by Dinis Correia

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Last December, Phlow Magazine – a reference in the free, creative commons music culture – made the most exciting advent calendar. Each day, a free music lover was asked to pick the best creative commons music moments of 2009.

We were kindly invited by Phlow – thanks guys! – to choose our highlights of ’09. Go ahead and check Green Tone Bit’s selection of the top five songs, the top netlabels and the best creative commons albums of the year: Green Tone Bits’ Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009.

Also, make sure to check all the other 23 tops on Phlow’s homepage – and while you’re there, download the 1.3GB “heavy gift in a ZIP” with  all the top songs of 2009. Enjoy.

And from all of us at Green Tone Bits, have a great (free-music filled) 2010!

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