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New website all the way!

Published on by Dinis Correia

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Go green.

Photo by ntr23. Some rights reserved

Look at the colors, so bright! What do they mean?

Well, it means exactly what you’re seeing – we redesigned and rebuild our website. But don’t worry, you won’t have a hard time finding any information. In fact, most of the changes were done to make access to everything much more easy.

For instance, we’ve heard some people saying they couldn’t find the downloads of previous sessions (indeed, having to go look in the now-defcunt Updates section might not have been the best idea). So, from now on, we have a dedicated section just to show you the latest downloads (that would be Downloads on the menu above).

You can still check the dates for the next sessions on the When page and follow some cool links in the Resources page. The Journal page now has all our blog post with news not only about Green Tone Bits itself (like this one post you’re reading right now), but also interesting bits and pieces from the free music community.

Last but not least (dare I say the best?): the homepage. You can now get a glimpse of the most relevant information straight from the homepage: the date of the next event and the latest downloads, journal entries and tweets.

There are still some kinks to be worked out and we’ll keep improving the site over the next few weeks (sorry, Internet Explorer users!).

So come on in while the paint is still fresh and enjoy the new decor. We hope you like the changes and find it easier to move around now. Feedback appreciated!

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