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Session #13 Recap

Published on by Dinis Correia

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The recap of our previous session is late, but not forgotten. Please be assured we haven’t been sipping piña coladas by the beach (sadly!), but have been very busy (among other things, venturing into the dark corners of the interwebs in search of the best free music so you can enjoy it).

We are always considering doing “theme sessions”, and session #13 was already based on more specific moods and genres: ambient, jazzy, glitch, micro-house and minimal techno. A different selection than you are used to listen to from us, but still loads of fresh and top quality tunes.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s sessions #13 playlist and downloadable music: Session #13 Compilation.

And the best part of writing a late recap? The next session is less than a week away! That’s right, session #14 will be taking place on May 28 (that is, next friday – as we write this). See you then!

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