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Session #14 Recap

Published on by Dinis Correia

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Blips, blops and pixel blocks – that’s session #14 in a sentence right there.

Like we said before, session #14 was all about chiptune music. Still, there was room for lots of different moods: there were rock-infused 8-bit tunes, some seriously dancefloor friendly tracks and über cool cover versions (Blondie, Foals and even some old videogame classics such as Tetris, Sonic and Zelda).

We had a full house and the atmosphere was great. As promised, there were old NES games hooked up to a projector – and, with some geekery, the games were played with a pair of sleek Nintendo Wii controllers. Good times!

So go ahead and download session’s #14 playlist and downloadable music – and quench your 8-bit thirst. 60 songs, more than three and a half hours of chiptune music – it will surely be enough to make you  want to jump over mushrooms, eat some Pac-dots and rescue the princess: Session #14 Compilation.

The next Green Tone Bits session is less than a week away – it won’t be another theme session, but it will be special as well. So mark your calendars: June 18 and June 19 (bet you didn’t see *that* coming). Details to follow very, very soon – stay tuned!

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