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Valentim Quaresma’s Kaleidoscope at ModaLisboa Pulse

Published on by Dinis Correia


Last saturday, October 13nd, Green Tone Bits + David Costa curated and live mixed the music for Valentim Quaresma‘s Kaleidoscope show at ModaLisboa Pulse – Spring/Summer 2013.

Valentim’s jewelry/accessories collection is inspired by kaleidoscopic patterns and shapes through methods of repetition and symmetry. Made from brass, ascrylic, metal alloy, fiber, and glass beads, these pieces combine both a medieval and futuristic aesthetic, in shades of white, black, and titanium.

Na-Hag‘s tribal-industrial, dark ambient and noise soundscapes seemed like the perfect fit for Valentim’s collection. We chose three songs from Obscurant, Na-Hag’s 3rd album, released on X-line, January 2012.


  1. Na-Hag - Dark Sun
  2. Na-Hag - Ninth Fragment Of My Body
  3. Na-Hag - You Worship Me


(Photo by Rui Vasco)

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