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We are still here!

Published on by Dinis Correia

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Hello? Is this thing on?

Despair not, free music fans – Green Tone Bits is still alive and kicking. As usual, we were away during the summer months. Moreover, our core member and founder - Ricardo Mestre – was away for the whole month of September, living and working in Berlin with his company, Quodis (the lucky bastard).

Green Tone Bits will be going through some changes, though. Good ones, we promise. This site will soon-ish see a much needed makeover (facelift, remodeling – whichever metaphor you like best). Again, it’s all for the best.

Secondly, the event will no longer be taking place at Ogâmico – the bar was sold last month, much to our disappointment. As such, from now on Green Tone Bits will try to be a nomad event, jumping from bar to bar, looking for new crowds and places to share our free music love.

We also won’t be having a monthly event anymore – which is not to say Green Tone Bits will happen once a year, mind you! Not having a fixed place for the sessions prevents us from making such commitments. Also, sessions won’t necessarily take place at nighttime – we believe everyone does need more excuses for a drink after work (and obviously, the overall mood for an “early” session will be different). Anyway, new sessions will always be announced here on the site – and Facebook and Twitter… For instance:

The next session will take place on Tuesday, 2 November, from 19:00 to 21:00 GMT at O Século, near Bairro Alto [map].

So, different place and different time. Like we said before, expect a different mood, as most of you probably won’t want to hear micro-house  and glitch tunes while trying to relax with a cocktail, after a long day of doing things for your boss.

See you there!

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